Il Bianco

Il Bianco

Technical characteristics

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Closed with a cork

Even though the wine has no added sulphites.
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Medicinal herbs such as Artemisia, wild mint, sage, thyme and rosemary, slight hints of citrus, an end note of bitter almonds.
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Fresh and persistent, continuously evolving.
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80% Garganega / 20% Chardonnay
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Alcoholic content

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Serving temperature

10-12 °C

You can combine it with…

Hors d'oeuvres featuring vegetables or fish
First courses, soups or pasta with vegetables
Fish with light sauces
Aperitifs<br>Hors d'oeuvres featuring vegetables or fish<br> First courses, soups or pasta with vegetables<br>Fish with light sauces<br>
The Vegan Master Chef Emanuele Di Biase
has paired it with…

Vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers
in tempura
<strong>The Vegan Master Chef Emanuele Di Biase<br>has paired it with…</strong><br>Vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers<br>in tempura