Il Rosso

Il Rosso

Technical characteristics

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Closed with a cork

Even though the wine has no added sulphites.
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Hints of cherry, red fruits such as redcurrants and raspberry, liquorice and black graphite.
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Semi-dry, fairly soft, fresh and savoury. It is in an evolutionary state of youth.
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70% Corvina / 20% Rondinella
5% Croatina / 5% Oseleta
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Alcoholic content

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Serving temperature

14 ℃

You can combine it with…

Pasta dishes with intricate sauces
Grilled red meat
Braised roasts, lamb and game
Well matured cheeses, not blue-veined
Pasta dishes with intricate sauces<br>Grilled red meat<br>Braised roasts, lamb and game<br>Well matured cheeses, not blue-veined
The Vegan Master Chef Emanuele Di Biase
has paired it with…

Potato tortelli with seitan ragu
<strong>The Vegan Master Chef Emanuele Di Biase<br>has paired it with…</strong><br>Potato tortelli with seitan ragu