Technical characteristics

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Closed with a cork

Even though the wine has no added sulphites.
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Complex and fine, with hints of red fruits and spicy hints of pepper, cloves and liquorice. The mineral presence of its aromas are dominant, in particular black graphite which characterises its origin and the close bond with the soil of volcanic origin.
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Dry, warm and fairly soft. Well balanced and persistent.
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70% Corvina / 20% Rondinella
5% Croatina / 5% Oseleta
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Alcoholic content

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Serving temperature

16 ℃

You can combine it with…

Pasta dishes with intricate sauces
Grilled red meat
Braised roasts, lamb and game
Pasta dishes with intricate sauces<br>Grilled red meat<br>Braised roasts, lamb and game
The Vegan Master Chef Emanuele Di Biase
has paired it with…

Tomato and bread soup with basil
ice cream
<strong>The Vegan Master Chef Emanuele Di Biase<br>has paired it with…</strong><br>Tomato and bread soup with basil<br>ice cream