Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio

Technical characteristics

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Closed with a cork

Even though the wine has no added sulphites.
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Notes of white flowers such as jasmine and hawthorn, hints of citrus and pomegranate, all accompanied by a slight minerality.
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Soft and enveloping, supported by good acidity and tanginess.
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100% Pinot Grigio
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Alcoholic content

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Serving temperature

10 °C - 12 °C

You can combine it with…

Delicate cold cuts such as Parma ham
Raw fish dishes
Fish soups and risottos
White meats
Delicate cold cuts such as Parma ham<br>Raw fish dishes<br>Fish soups and risottos<br>White meats
The Vegan Master Chef Emanuele Di Biase
has paired it with…

Tortelli filled with lentils
and Brussels sprouts
<strong>The Vegan Master Chef Emanuele Di Biase<br>has paired it with…</strong><br>Tortelli filled with lentils<br>and Brussels sprouts