The Télos project

The project springs from the desire of Tenuta Sant’Antonio to offer consumers a more healthy and natural wine, while keeping its quality unchanged.

A wine without added sulphites, which springs from the profound culture of the territory of Valpolicella and Soave, and which maintains unchanged all the qualities that make a wine great, adding one more: purity.The wine reveals a new strength, which is expressed in both aroma and flavour: fruitier, finer and more delicate.
When you taste it, the impact is complex and intense: Télos Il Bianco, Télos Pinot Grigio, Télos Il Rosso Valpolicella Superiore and the great noble Télos L’Amarone are linked mainly to the fragrance and aromas of the grapes from which they are made, but less distinctive in the sensory characteristics that have now become standard.

The production process

Analysis of the musts obtained from every single vineyard of the same variety

Integrated farming: the tools at farming’s disposal, namely machines and treatments, are used only when it is necessary according to the change of season
The vine is accompanied by manual operations to keep it intact
The winery is managed with greater care and absolute cleanliness
We do not use products containing sulphates or phosphates during the production process
Vinification is performed exclusively with products present in nature
Inert gases such as nitrogen are used to avoid oxidation of the wine and to protect it against any external pathogens