Why Télos?

In Ancient Greek the word Télos represents the goal to be achieved.Ours is to develop a project with a strict method and production process.

The name Télos springs from the strong desire to give a precise connotation to a project with a strict method and production process. With the same determination with which we have been working for years to create a different wine, healthier, closer to the environment and more natural, we have also thought of the name to give it.

In Greek philosophy, in particular in Aristotle, the term Télos represents the end, the aim, the sense of human existence. The concept of Télos, that is of the ultimate aim, will then become the bearing element of the whole of Christian philosophy and in that of the great modern philosophers. Our Télos has led us to work to make wine in a healthier way, producing a “free” wine that is as close as possible to the environment from which it comes.

So in Télos everything is studied with great attention, starting from the name it will bear throughout a life that we hope will be long and happy, just as we desire for the life of our dear children.